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Monday, December 30, 2013

What's Been Going On?!?!

I have a blog? Who knew? It seems I've forgotten! I guess I'd better get some updates going!

Since I last posted, Ellie turned 1 year old! Shortly after, my SD card in my phone crashed, and I lost all of my pictures and videos of her first year of life. Devastation and Denial kept me from posting for a while. Then I just got lazy. But here we go!

She turned 1 on October 24! Here are a few pictures of her with her smash cake, as well as a few we had done by our photographer!

She hated touching the cake, she didn't want to eat it, she really didn't want anything to do with it. It was kind of funny how badly the other small kids watching wanted to get the cake! They knew what to do with it...

 She was a mouse for Halloween!

 I also want to share some of the pictures from her visit with Santa!

And just to compare from last year...

Ellie loves Sofia the First, Bubble Guppies, and The Cat in the Hat. They all make her dance. Her favorite food is cheese - in any form - cubes, slices, shredded, cheeto... you name it, she loves it. She zooms around in her walker like a pro. She can take about 4 steps on her own, but then falls, so I don't call her "walking" yet. She says "mama" and "dada" and if you ask her if she wants something, and she does want it, she will nod her head yes and say "yeah." She's great at pointing to what she wants and knows a couples words in sign language. She will do the sign for MORE and for MILK. Sometimes she will do the sign for EAT, as well. She is fascinated by cats, and loves to look at them and be by them. She will bring you a book and there is no telling how many times you will have to read it in one sitting. She is a sweet and silly girl, and I am so incredibly blessed to have her as my daughter.



In other news...

I am currently 21.5 weeks along with Ellie's little BROTHER! So far, so good. He is due to arrive in early May!

I love being a mama!

Mama Saree