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Saturday, June 30, 2012

Bump Saturday - 23 Weeks!

Today I am 23 weeks pregnant! Here is my Saturday Bump picture!

Hubby and I are going to a 4th of July party tonight. I was asked to bring a baked item, so I decided on cupcakes. I wanted to do something festive, so I made Red, White, and Blue cupcakes! Yum! Here's how they turned out!

Tomorrow I will be locked in the craft room, sewing, sewing, sewing. I don't think the curtains should take too long, but we will see! Hopefully I'll be able to post them soon!

Mama Saree

Friday, June 29, 2012

Off Topic: The End of a Dynasty

There’s no easy way to say this, so I’ll just put it out there. The Jeep has reached the end. Wednesday, Hubby noticed a rattling sound on his way to work. He had high hopes it was just a valve, found a mechanic with good reviews, and took the Jeep there after work. Yesterday he got the call. It wasn’t good news. The rattling was coming from deep within the engine and would cost more than the worth of the vehicle to fix. I knew this day was coming for quite some time. I’ve known the Jeep for the 8.5 years I’ve been with Hubby; that’s going back to our High School days! The Jeep is currently 15 years old. If you know my Hubby, or even another Jeep fanatic, you know I’m right about the next key points: This is devastating; Trade-in is not an option; It will sit in the garage, in pieces, until one day it is reborn.

Goodbye Jeep - for now anyway.


Knowing this day was coming eventually, he’d been thinking about what car he’d like to get. I found a brand new Mazda6 (manual, of course) for a good deal in a Mazda dealer’s inventory online. I requested the special ePrice, and suddenly it was a steal! Naturally, it wasn’t our local dealership, but one about 45 minutes away (unless you are in rush hour traffic, which we were, and therefore more like an hour and 10 minutes). Being that I drink water constantly, I needed to ask where the restrooms were immediately when we arrived! 

The car was test-driven, we filled out some forms, signed enough documents I felt like I might own a third house, and a little over 2 hours later, we were the proud owners of a new car! Hubby drove it away with only 39 miles on it. 

So, the moment you didn’t know you were waiting for… here is the car:

In baby news, my goal is to have the curtains finished by Sunday evening. I’m not sure how realistic the goal is, since we have a 4th of July party on Saturday. I’ll just have to make myself a slave to the craft room on Sunday. Stay tuned, as tomorrow will be Bump Saturday and I will post a picture of Ellie!  

Mama Saree

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Nursery In Progress

After a great deal of internet searching, agonizing over reviews, and finally dragging Hubby into the decision-making process, I ordered a crib, mattress, and dresser/changer combo. That was on May 31st. The crib was delivered on June 2nd! I couldn’t believe how fast it came! The dresser and mattress arrived on June 12th. Now that the furniture was in the house, I was getting pretty antsy to paint! 

I already had the fabric for everything I was sewing, and wanted to match the paint to the pink colors. Half way to Lowe’s, Hubby points out that I didn’t bring a fabric sample to match paint to! Pregnancy Brain strikes again! We went back home, I got the fabric, and we headed off to Lowe’s again. We got all the paint supplies we needed, which ended up being much less than originally thought, thanks to my mom and dad giving us their box of paint supplies. I’m not sure who got the better deal on that… they seemed pretty happy not to have to store that box anymore. We taped the trim, Hubby filled in nail holes, and we even started painting, all in the same evening! As this was my first room-painting experience, I learned a few things: 
  •          I much prefer to trim with a small paintbrush than use the roller. I thought the roller would be fun, but it is hard work! I’d rather spend my time being meticulous with a brush.
  •          I’m pretty good at trimming without tape. We painted 3 walls a light pink and the 4th wall a darker pink. We didn’t tape the corners where the colors met – I just free-handed it. I think it turned out really nice.   
  •          Even though painting is work, and I hate working, I loved painting! I think it was because the nursery is the smallest bedroom in the house, and because Ellie is the best reason I can think of to paint! I’m so excited to have her that I would paint her room 10 times over if I had to!
Now that the room was painted, I had to KEEP WAITING to assemble the furniture because now the carpets needed cleaned! Ugh! I understand that Ellie has a while before arriving, but it was killing me! So I scheduled the carpet cleaners (they came last Friday), but then the carpet had to dry. And Hubby spent all day Saturday in Lexington! So we finally assembled the furniture this past Sunday. It’s looking like a nursery!

The room is quite small compared to the other bedrooms in the house, but it is the room right outside the master suite; the other rooms are on the other side of the house. I feel like the smallest room is best served as the nursery, anyway. Ellie can move into a bigger room when she gets older.


Closet: Those aren't even all of her clothes so far! She's a bit of a clothes horse already!

Dresser/Changing Table: The changing table pad is on our registry. It’s so hard not to rush out and buy it now that it has a place to go!!!

Glider: Please don’t pay too much attention to this yet. This was a garage sale score that I will post about later. It needs an extreme makeover: glider edition. I’ll go ahead and let you know it was only $30.

Now that her nursery has the essentials, I can fill in with fun details! Shelves on the wall, her name above the crib, a new light fixture, and of course more bedding d├ęcor – the curtains on the window and her quilt will be on the wall for the first while. I love that I’ll get to see it all come together over the next several months!

Mama Saree

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Let's Do This!

So I'm a little late to the game, but I am going to try keeping up with a blog about Ellie.

I am currently 22 weeks & 1 day pregnant. Elliana Mae is due October 27, 2012, and Hubby and I couldn't be more excited! We have so much to do before she gets here. Everyone says the time will fly but it sure doesn't feel that way. I cannot wait to meet her - but I will!

I have so much to catch up on from the last 22 weeks, but I will do it slowly, in hopes of keeping up with the blog!

I have decided to take on the task of sewing all of Ellie's nursery bedding: fitted crib sheets, bed skirt, curtains, changing pad cover, quilt, and flat sheets and pillow cases for when it becomes her toddler bed (so it'll all still match). I will post updates as I finish some of these projects! Currently I've only completed 1 fitted sheet and the quilt squares are cut out! I ordered extra fabric so I could make a shopping cart cover, too, because I love the fabric so much! You'll see!

That's it for now!
Mama Saree