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Monday, June 24, 2013

Born to ride

A couple weekends ago, Ellie made her first trip to Valpo. She was a better traveler than I expected. She slept the first half of the trip (2 hours)  and was somewhat entertain-able the second half. I worked pretty hard for the last 45 minutes or so, pulling out anything worthy of the title "safe enough" from my purse to give her to inspect.
While there, she met some family she had never seen before, other than in pictures. It was a great visit, as no one rushed up to her or forced her to be held by them.  A large crowd can definitely be overwhelming.  She did great.
We found this vintage beauty in my grandma's garage.  Ellie's many faces crack me up constantly.

Miss Ellie in her high chair, playing, while mama makes some dinner! 

 A new swim hat! It happens to perfectly match the outfit she had on when it was delivered! So cute! Her new swim diaper matches the hat. Little pink and green whales! 

 She loves to cuddle with mama!

On a non-Ellie note (which are few and far between as she is my world), I made a small wall quilt for my office. It is my first official quilt! I'm proud of it!

 The back.

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