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Sunday, October 7, 2012

Full Term!

I am now considered full term at 37 weeks! Elliana is allowed to come out at any time!

At my last appointment, the doctor said she's going to be a big baby! Shocked, I asked why she thought so. Even though I have been measuring right on track all along so far, now I was suddenly measuring 3 weeks ahead! Yikes! So I get to have an ultrasound on Tuesday to see just how big she is measuring. I hope everything is perfect with her size and the amount of fluid around her. I measured myself at home and was only measuring 1 week ahead instead of 3, so I'm trying not to get too worked up over it. Yet.

In other news, we got a fancy-shmancy new camera! It's a digital SLR. I have no clue what all the settings mean and why I would use them, but I'm going to take a class. I'm sure I'll have the perfect subject to practice techniques on!

Here are a few photos of our current models:

We are getting close!!!

Mama Saree

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