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Friday, August 17, 2012

29 Week Bump!

Well, I never posted my 29 week BUMP! And now tomorrow will be my 30 week bump! Oops! I better post it now before it gets skipped.

Last Saturday we celebrated as one of Hubby's childhood friends got married. Between driving down the night before for the rehearsal and dinner and getting home pretty late, and then driving down again for the wedding and reception (and getting home pretty late), this pregnant lady was exhausted. I did manage to have a picture taken though, before collapsing in a heap in the bed. Here is my 29 week Ellie Belly:

There was a photo booth at the reception, and a strip of photos was printed for the guest, as well as for the bride and groom. The copy for the happy couple was immediately glued onto a scrapbook page and put into plastic scrapbook pages. When the night was over, they had a finished scrapbook of photo strips! What a great idea!

I love that Ellie made it into the photo!

Tomorrow is a big day! Not only will I be 30 weeks, but we will get to see Elliana! I haven't seen her since my 20 week anatomy scan and I am dying to see how she's grown! We are going for a 3D/4D Ultrasound in the morning. I've been waiting for this for... oh, about 10 weeks! Hopefully I'll see her again in another 10 weeks, but in real life!!!

I'll post pictures tomorrow!

Mama Saree

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