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Saturday, August 18, 2012

30 Week Ellie Belly

Today I am 30 weeks! Only 10 more weeks (hopefully) until I can kiss my baby girl! I'm so excited! Elliana has been very active the last 2 weeks. She's been having dance parties in my belly. I love it. I love to feel her move and kick, and I really enjoy watching as my tummy bumps out with her kicks and jabs.


I had a 3D ultrasound back at 19 weeks. Elliana still looked rather skeletal at that point. Here is a picture of her profile back at 19 weeks:

This morning, she looked much chubbier! Even the ultrasound tech said she has chubby cheeks and that she is perfect! I love hearing that she's perfect!

See those cheeks? I can't wait to smooch them! Finally, my favorite picture of the day. Ellie's profile with her chubby cheeks, her little nose, and her TOES up by her head! Haha! So cute!

Only 2 more weeks until my baby shower! I know a lot of hard work and a lot of love is going into planning. My mom is working super hard on the decorations! I can't wait to see everything.

The glider and ottoman make-over has begun. I will post the before and after photos once it is finished. Hopefully I can get the motivation to work on it some tomorrow!

Mama Saree

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