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Monday, July 16, 2012

And the winner is...

On Monday I went head-to-head with this guy:

It was my 1 hour Glucose tolerance test to check for Gestational Diabetes. My appointment wasn't until 4:30 PM and my instructions said not to fast, but to avoid excess sugar. Everything I read online said morning appointments were best, and that most doctors said to fast. Hmmm.... well, all I could do was avoid excess sugar and go to my afternoon appointment. I had to eat! I couldn't fast all day! I'm pregnant! So Tuesday morning I got a phone call. I FAILED! Now I had to do the 3 hour test. I was of course crushed! And positive I had Gestational Diabetes. What would I possibly eat now?!?! Coming up with dinner was hard enough without any limitations. I may or may not have had a meltdown about it... I admit to nothing. Anyway, I did the 3 hour test Friday morning. I had to use half of one of my extremely valuable sick days that I've been saving for October. That was worse than getting my blood drawn 4 times! By lunch time today I hadn't heard my results so I called to ask. They were NORMAL! Yay!

Glucola may have won the battle, but I won the war!

Mama Saree

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