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Monday, July 30, 2012


The Snoogle is a curved body pillow that aids in the comfort of pregnancy sleep. It looks like this:


I've had one for a few months, and it's ok. I sleep way better with it than without it. I think it could be a little fuller. I wonder if I could add stuffing to it... probably. Hubby refers to it as my "fort." I think he likes it though, because he leans up against it too sometimes. For as much room as it takes up, why not both enjoy, right?

Most nights, Daisy goes to bed before we do. She isn't allowed on the main couches anymore, only the one in our bedroom where she sleeps every night. I think she goes to bed early so she can be in the bed for a while before we make her move to her couch so we can get in bed. Last night was no exception. Only this time, she wasn't at the foot of the bed, but IN THE FORT!

She is using the belly wedge pillow as her pillow for her head! She's ridiculous! Then, as if that wasn't enough, Hubby decided to help her get even more comfy!


She stayed like that for another 45-ish minutes until we came to bed. I laughed so hard when I first found her in the fort. She's a funny dog.

Mama Saree

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