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Saturday, July 28, 2012

Bump Saturday - 27 Weeks!

I am 27 weeks today! 13 weeks to go. Time is moving so slowly! I know it'll all go too fast for me once Elliana is here, but I'm just so anxious to meet her. I have been in the sewing room ALL. DAY. LONG. I cranked out a double-sided flannel blanket that will be primarily for on the floor. It is 3-and-a-half feet squared. It wasn't hard and it didn't take long, but it's cute! I also made the pieces for the mobile. Unfortunately the mobile won't fit on the crib because the crib is too fancy and the wood is too wide. Hopefully Hubby will figure something out. Finally, I made one of the changing pad covers. I have pictures of all of it, really I do, but my memory stick is stuck in my camera! I can't get it out. The one weekend I'm home alone, and I need technology help. Tomorrow will have to be a photo bomb of all my projects and my bump. I did have my mom take a bump photo. I just can't post it. Sadness. So that is all.

Mama Saree

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