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Sunday, September 9, 2012

The Make-Over Is Finally Here!

I am 33 weeks this weekend! I did not have a photo taken. I'm taking the week off. I forgot yesterday and am too lazy to get dressed today. So the bump pic will have to wait for 34 weeks!

Remember the $20 garage sale glider and ottoman I got a while back? It was blue and looked a little something like this...

The fabric was faded and stained. And BLUE. Even if I wanted to keep the covers, there was no way to wash them. They had to be cut/unstitched in order to be removed.

I went with a grey fabric, that could be used for a girl or a boy (just keeping options open for the future so I don't have to recover it again!). I sewed zippers onto the 2 cushion covers so I could take them off and wash them if needed. Since I couldn't put the stitches back into the back cushion, I considered adding a couple buttons. Then I realized that defeated the purpose of the zipper! So I will leave it as-is for now, and if I want to add buttons later, I reserve that right. I apologize in advance for the poor lighting in these pictures. Without further ado, the new glider and ottoman!

I even did the pocket on the arm rest piece, just like the original one had! There are snaps on the chair frame, so I was even able to use those to secure the new arm rests! Hubby was nice enough to hammer all the snaps onto my sewn creations! He also did the staple gun on the fabric for the ottoman!

Everything is new and secure. It is grey instead of blue. I love it! I feel so accomplished!

We also decided to hang Ellie's name on the wall above her crib!

Now back to the couch!

Mama Saree

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